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Oh not I

In Uncategorized on July 5, 2010 at 1:44 pm

 Well look at the time haven’t slept at all since I woke up @ 8:00pm yesterday.

Well that was weird, it wasn’t showing the text but now it is. At times i feel like someone hacking me but it might be the computer, maybe both. I believe anything i think/say. I’m in the garage and im actually getting some  internet. It;s starting to get warm in here I was getting frustrated but now the frustration is gone like the helicopter that was hovering over the rooftops. I am not sure why it feels better staying awake than going to sleep waking up. The only thing I dislike is that i feel like fainting but i don’t feel sleepy.

I really wanted to look for ajob today, I really did. Today im planning to go to sleep kind of early so i can wake up and get my ass a job. For some stupid reason I was ok with not looking or not having a  J__O__B, I kept rewinding the same phrase in my head over and over again, I still have enough time to look for a job before I hit 21 and now it’s only less than 2 months away. I always have an excuse or I tell myself  something comforting to get myself from doing something when I know I should be doing whatever it is. I need to try harder, waaaay harder. No doubt.

                                           I     l            l             l     e  a          v e                      it          t        h  e         r        e .

                                                                                    s             T  A     Y     o        n     Y   o                u     R        t           o     e                S.


Won’t hesitate, so try me. Pls don’t.

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2010 at 3:24 am

I’m a changed young man believe it or not, change is inevitable but I can’t let all this craziness the world offers change me too much. If someone should change it should be for the good, not the bad even though i know it’s kind of hard to be good. It all depends on whether you want to be good or not. I recently talked to this one dude i kinda knew, I heard he was doing good in another state, I asked him if he was still in the same path with religion and all. I was shocked to know that he was doing bad again, The only reason he gave was because this world is fucked up. I agreed with him and added that it takes one person to change, did I mean it? Well yes but im not so sure if it’s true.

See I havent really lived too long to see the effects of how being good can rub off on someone elses life or someone else around the person who has changed from doing wrong to do good.One this i can say is that I imagine a world where one person can really do good,and by doing good it effects the people around that person, of course nothing is easy. Now I need to actually see it in action. And that is what I am going to live for.