In Uncategorized on July 13, 2010 at 10:02 pm

It is so much more difficult and confusing now that I’m growing up. There are a lot of things that don’t meet the eye, people scheming and what makes me more scared is that you really can’t trust anyone.  truthfully I can’t even manage to trust myself so how can I trust anyone else. Everything brings me down, I’m weak to say it in two words. Whats funny and sad is that I really thought I was strong, I thought I was stable but the truth is that I’m unbalanced, but the good news is that I get more and more stable as the days go by.

 I’ve learned a lot this year, more important things I should say.  Better times will come, but I shouldn’t think that way, I focus too much on the future, its ok sometimes but it seems like im always dreaming and stay on the drawing board for too long. I want more out of life, and it’s hard I wont deny it. This world could be more of a good place to be in. I’m running out of battery life so ill end it here my fellow humans. Stay On your toes.



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