To quit or not to quit.

In Uncategorized on July 9, 2010 at 6:30 pm

It’s a tough desicion to make for anyone who has smoked more than you should. Smoking gives you satisfaction because when you’ve had a good time it probably was while you were smoking so  you make yourself believe it was the lit cigarette clamped down between your lips that made it possible.

I smoke sometimes, I used to smoke alot more than I do now. Personally I see it as a waste of money, specially when you don’t have alot of it. There are other ways to entertain yourself, but if you’re suicidal go ahead and smoke. Im joking, why kill yourself? It’s ok, this to shall pass, whatever it is, of course it won’t be easy.

There are alot of commercials that sell these cancer sticks, kids smoke them, I’ve seen it but i do not blame those commercials, it’s all about curiousity and boredom. It’s a choice humans make. I’m smoking one as i write this.I dont get anything out of it. I feel cool doing it, it’s multitasking if you will.Something to do.

Alot of my family members smoke, I grew up seeing them smoke. I’ve seen some quit, most likely it was because of their poor health. Whatever reason it is they stopped, they would’nt stop something they enjoyed unless it’s not safe.It must’ve been hard but i think its easy. Or maybe I keep saying “this is my last box” and it keeps going ang going until it’s too late. Addiction is a disease, its all in our heads. Sometimes I feel guilty buying a pack. So do i quit or not? We’ll see.

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