Sigh, I’ll do anything for love.

In Uncategorized on July 8, 2010 at 7:57 pm

Oh but i wont do that.

Yesterday, a guy showed up at the door asking for me while I was stinky and watching t.v. so I decided not to answer. Mother answered the door, she came to tell me someone is asking for you, I quietly nodded so she told him I was asleep. I looked horrible I was relaxing so why get and answer the door.

I looked to see who it was as he left and it looked like the step brother of some guy I suspect is knowingly hurting us, imo taking advantage of us. See he would come over and we would treat him like our friend. Now I’ve seen his real faces and it seems like he’s not that good of a person. I can be wrong but I can be right.

I don’t talk to him like I did before, he is now just one of my brothers friend. Am I the only that is seeing who he really is? All I can do is express my feelings and thoughts to my siblings.A lot of people I thought I knew are now no longer a part of my life though I do see them from time to time and yes sometimes I think about past times but it isn’t the same and it is because how they hurt me that I want to change.

It feels good to hurt others sometimes, or take your anger out on someone, but it’s another thing feeling the pain and continue to do so. This world seems better when I imagine it, and that’s sad. No war can be won completely? Random I know but I’m random.

Stay on your toes.



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