Happy late b-day Ms. Kahlo.

In Uncategorized on July 6, 2010 at 10:53 am

Though she was a hurt human being filled with pain and agony she was a strong woman that’s for sure. Her paintings are filled with beauty but at the same time they showed how much she was in pain

The first time I was introduced by this artist was in high school by my beaitiful teacher. I can’t remember her name, but I can remember she was a few doors down from Miss Shine’s classroom. That class was one of the few classes i had fun in. Her way of teaching was hands on and it was actually artists that when she showed us their work I really wanted to learn about them.

Enough about my pretty art teacher though :). Frida wasn’t the best looking woman imo, but her art was beautiful and she was great at it plus she was self taught. I can remember my art teacher saying that the marriage with her husband was up and down and up again. Her relationship with Diego Rivera a famous muralist was comapred to a relationship between an elephant and a dove because he was so fat while she was so petite and slender.

I can really relate to her, but not just me of course, all of us go through mental and physical pain. Everyone of us wants to kill someone but donlt actually carryout with the day dreams. Well she did, at least i’m pretty sure she did, they never proved it. T’was said that Stalin somehow had something to do with it.

She was a stalinist even though he killed alot of people, yea she knew and she still followed him.
I’m not really into politics or anything but we’re in america, either way someone has to get a cut to keep the nation running. People need to be more supportive and more giving. Money isn’ an issue but the love for it is. Drake said something about whoever says money isn’t everything is because they don’t have enough.
Of course maybe he’s just trying to reach those who love the money, so idk. I might go looking for ajob today, i’m going to start calling agencies to confirm an appointment(I didn’t set any appoinments with any agencies.) Wish me luck. Have a nice day, stay concious. Stay on your toes. A n d fo r a l l th e peopl e who d o w r o ng and k n o w y o u a r e h r t i ng o t h e s, t r y t o b e a b t t e r hu m an despite h o w c o l d t h e w o r l dd i s. T i m e f o r a c h a n g e, n o t sa y y ou ‘ v e c h a ng e d b u t k e e p h u r t i ng ot h ers b u t mask i t. W e c a n d o i t.


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