Oh not I

In Uncategorized on July 5, 2010 at 1:44 pm

 Well look at the time haven’t slept at all since I woke up @ 8:00pm yesterday.

Well that was weird, it wasn’t showing the text but now it is. At times i feel like someone hacking me but it might be the computer, maybe both. I believe anything i think/say. I’m in the garage and im actually getting some  internet. It;s starting to get warm in here I was getting frustrated but now the frustration is gone like the helicopter that was hovering over the rooftops. I am not sure why it feels better staying awake than going to sleep waking up. The only thing I dislike is that i feel like fainting but i don’t feel sleepy.

I really wanted to look for ajob today, I really did. Today im planning to go to sleep kind of early so i can wake up and get my ass a job. For some stupid reason I was ok with not looking or not having a  J__O__B, I kept rewinding the same phrase in my head over and over again, I still have enough time to look for a job before I hit 21 and now it’s only less than 2 months away. I always have an excuse or I tell myself  something comforting to get myself from doing something when I know I should be doing whatever it is. I need to try harder, waaaay harder. No doubt.

                                           I     l            l             l     e  a          v e                      it          t        h  e         r        e .

                                                                                    s             T  A     Y     o        n     Y   o                u     R        t           o     e                S.


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